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A quest for life-changing experiences, a path to self-knowledge from the first step to the last! Over the course of just over a decade,
TREX organizes several independent, non-profit outdoor sports and recreational events that annually form a full calendar of mountain running races.

Krali Marko Trails

05 March 2023


11 edition

350+ runners

15+ countries

Krali Marko Trails abounds with mythical and spiritual motifs that take your breath away and keep you coming back. The event truly represents the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Pelagonian region in Macedonia.
The oldest and most popular mountain race in Macedonia called "Treskavec Trail" is 16 km long and starts from Varos in Prilep and through the Markovi Kuli and landscape hills takes the runners to the Treskavec Monastery (13th century) and then back to Prilep.
The longer run "Kamena Baba Trail",
it also starts from Varoshot and follows the path to Treskavec Monastery and from there it continues through otherworldly rocky landscapes through Kamena Baba for a total of about 30 km.
Centuries later these races are a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of King Mark, explore and become a modern day hero!

Krali Marko Trails 2023 video

3 minutes

Krali Marko Trails 2018 video

3 minutes

Krali Marko Trails 2017 video

2 minutes

Vodno-Matka Trails

02 April 2023


6 edition

500+ runners

25+ countries

An adventure that begins along well-trodden forest paths from the slopes of Mount Vodno and over the peak of Krstovar and the ridge of Vodno leads to the mysticism of the Matka canyon.
Vodno-Matka Trails is a full-day outdoor sports event consisting of three races — a 40km trail marathon for the experienced, a 27km intermediate trail race and a 10km trail race ideal for youth and recreational runners who want to take their first steps in trail running.
Participants during the races have opportunity to visit the most beautiful places on the Vodno mountain and beautiful places for observing the Skopje valley and the mountains that surround it — and in the distance the picturesque Šar planina massif dotted with the remnants of winter snow.
Vodno and the Matka canyon hide valuable monuments of the Byzantine Christian culture that are visited during the race.

Vodno-Matka Trails 2022 video

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Vodno-Matka Trails 2019 video

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Vodno-Matka Trails 2018 video

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Ohrid Ultra-Trail

27 May 2023


5 edition

350+ runners

25+ countries

Ohrid Ultra-Treil® with its 4 races offers a unique experience in trail running in Macedonia, combining difficult and easy trails, two untouched lakes and overcoming high and exposed mountain ranges.
Immersed in continuous history since ancient times, the city of Ohrid by Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to unforgettable mountain ultra-running adventures in Galicica National Park.
And in the middle of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa is the "heart", crowned by Mount Galichica, which separates the two large lakes. In the national park, the wild and slightly wandered paths lead you to the most beautiful views in the region. The next 5th edition of the event is scheduled for 27 May 2023, a great opportunity with distances of 20km, 40km, 60km and 100km in spring time in preparation for the demanding summer ultra-races.

Ohrid Ultra-Trail 2022 video

2 minutes

Ohrid Ultra-Trail 2021 video

6 minutes

Ohrid Ultra-Trail 2020 video

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Ohrid Ultra-Trail 2019 video

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Strumina Trail

26 November 2023


9 edition

200+ runners

5+ countries

Strumina Trail does not mean the end of the season, but the beginning of winter preparations... A short but sweet trail race in the surroundings of Shtip. The length of 18 km with 750 meters of total elevation gain is quite enough to run at full throttle at a lactating threshold alone.
What makes the race suitable for almost everyone: mountaineers, mountain runners, athletes and recreationalists is precisely that it is not a classic mountain race, but rather an athletic cross, with a short length and a small gradient. But for advanced runners the track is extremely fast with the possibility to run almost the entire length.
The always pleasant atmosphere fueled by traditional Stip pastrami after the race make this event the most cordial in our annual calendar.

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