For just over a decade, TREX has been organizing several independent, non-profit outdoor sports and recreation events that annually form a full calendar of mountain running races. Without a doubt, there is no running event in N.Macedonia in which TREX members are not involved as co-organizers, helpers, advisors, volunteers, but above all as participants.

Trail running races

» Life-Changing Experiences: The Quest for self-discovery
» Pristine locations, promoting local ones landscapes, culture and community
» Carefully organized according to the highest standards: mountain safety, medical and logistical
» Friendly fellowship between mountain runners, locals residents and audiences, families and friends, volunteers

Krali Marko Trails

Vodno-Matka Trails

Ohrid Ultra-Trail

Strumina Trail

Punk's Backyard Ultra



Mountain running (trail running) is a sports discipline that is performed in a natural environment, usually through mountains, forests, fields, canyons, deserts.
These endurance races take place on all kinds of tracks and surfaces, with a special emphasis on respect for nature.
In mountain running races, distances from 20 km up to 300+ km are usually overcome.
The most typical are ULTRA-RACES (Ultra-trail) of 60km, 80km, 100km and the cult distance of 100 miles (170 km).


TREX is a proud member of the International Mountain Running Association since its foundation in 2014. Our races are verified by ITRA and are organized according to international safety standards.


The purpose of this platform is to promote a more sustainable practice of outdoor sports, focusing on the impact on the natural environment in order to improve the management of natural resources, preserve biodiversity and advocate for a more sustainable society.


The UTMB World Series gives all mountain runners the chance to experience the adventure of the world's most famous mountain race held in the heart of the Alps around Mont Blanc. TREX races carry qualifying points for this series with the aim that in the medium term one of our events will become one of the 40 leading trail events in the most incredible locations around the world.

Our vision

The mountain is one of the most suitable places for
recreating and practicing an active and healthy lifestyle.
More and more we are looking for refuges from the stressful life in urban environments and it is trail running that offers us what we all need today - "freedom".

Our mission

A quest for life-changing experiences, a path to self-knowledge from the first step to the last
Creation of authentic experiences in unique Macedonian nature as motivation for self-improvement of people of different ages and different parts of the world.

Our goals

Promotion and development of adventure sports by organizing trail running races
» Promotion of the active lifestyle.
» Promotion of N.Macedonia and its potential in adventure tourism.
» Promotion of the Macedonian cultural-historical heritage.
» Contribution to the development of sports in nature with a focus on trail running.
» Placing Macedonia on the world map of trail running races.
» Encouraging moral values and ethical behavior: Authenticity; humility; fair play; fairness; respect for others; self respect; respect for the environment; solidarity.

Bonded through mutual passion

In 2023, 4 international mountain running races are scheduled in which around 1,300 participants from 25 countries are expected, assisted by 150 volunteers and 3,500 fans. Our target group consists of adventurers aged 35+, with a college education and a solid income - a premium demographic that demonstrates strong brand loyalty.
Connect your marketing activities in a way that is flexible, authentic, meaningful and filled with passion.

Пријатели на планинското трчање / Friends of trail running

Hit the trails!

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mountain running and other mountain sports TREX
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