On Sunday, February 8 2015 was held the second winter edition of the Ceripasina Vertical Kilometer race. Location ski resort Popova Sapka on Shar Planina. The start was scheduled for 10 A.M. at the beginning of the ski lift Teteks.


The previous day a smaller team came to check and to mark the route and to make other necessary preparations.

On Sunday it was calm winter morning, but soon after a stronger wind begins to blow.  In consultation with the team of judges and volunteers at Ceripashina station  we decided to shorten the race by the end cableway Ceripashina because of the strong wind towards the Antenna peak.

At the start there were 24 competitors, which is a great number of participants encouraged to come to such weather – a sign that the growing interest in this type of challenge, and the level of the competitors themselves was very solid.

Img-0050start of the race


In the upper part of the track competitors battled strong winds and snow flurries that were blowing straight in the face and chest. Congratulations to all of them, they bravely faced the challenge. Huge thanks for race marshals and volunteers – they were on finish site (2340 m) and helped the contestants offering them a tea and food for recovery.

Img-0090winner – Marjan Bonev – 41:35

Img-0100second and third – Aleksandar Kirkovski and Zhikica Ivanovski

Img-0110first three man

Img-0240first girl – Emily Nagle from USA

Img-0260Emily with Maja Sulic – second and Svetlana Stojanoska – race marshal

Competitors returned to mnt.hut “Smreka“. All happy and satisfied. Later we made a small awards ceremony. The event was attended by a larger group of mountaineers from PSD MAKPETROL.

Results :

1. Marjan Bonev, 41:35
2. Aleksandar Kirkovski, 42:59
3. Zhikica Ivanovski, 43:08
4. Viktor Efremnov, 46:47
5. Aleksandar Simjanoski, 47:53
6. Jovica Jovancev, 48:58
7. Dejan Todevski, 49:23
8. Igor Jovanovski, 54:18
9. Mihail Stefanov, 54:30
10. Sr|an Milosevski, 55:00
11. Kiril Stefanovski, 56:50
12. Ekalabija Bozinov, 57:34
13. Dimitar Popovski, 59:59
14. Igor Pirkovski, 01:01:15
15. Borce Miloskovski, 01:02:35
16. Emily Nagle, 01:05:48
17. Vladimir Spasovski, 01:08:18
18. Dragan Petrovski, 01:10:05
19. Dean Todorov, 01:12:20
20. Kristijan Ogwanovski, 01:13:25
21. Maja Sulic, 01:13:26
22. Igor Markovski, 02:08:00
23. Dejan Donevski, DNF
24. Darko Nasov, DNF

Also we have small and very funny “kids and parents” downhill race.

Img-0330downhill race