Our Mission

The mission of TREX Association is to promote and develop an active and healthy outdoor life, especially mountain running, hiking, alpinism and other sports and activities. It includes promoting Macedonia as a great destination for active tourism.

Our vision is to grow into a strong organization, with a large number of socially aware members and associates, and to work along on promoting the active outdoor life and influencing the development of these sports. Our goal is to support the development of the alternative mountain tourism as a contribution to the better development of the rural areas. Ultimately, our developmental goal is to protect the natural environment

• The foundation of this Association is a result of gathered group of sportsmen with purpose to promote mountain sports – trail running, mountaineering, climbing, expeditions to high mountains, tour-skiing, mountain-biking as well as other forms of activities related to mountains. These sports are less known to our public and do not get any support neither from the media nor from the relevant institutions dealing with sport.

• All these activities are performed in nature – on a mountain, and engaging in these types of activities – even with recreational purposes – contributes a great deal in health, resistance and good mood of every participant. Our wish and goal is to get more people involved in these activities and increase the critical level of good will in our country. Each and every one who will start to train with us will realize that everything is possible – every goal is possible to be achieved. We are here to help along the way with advices and guidance.

• Part of the founders are sports-amateurs, but their results slowly but surely are overlapping the “amateur”. Our wish is to create/provide conditions to send our sportsmen to take participation in great ventures – no matter if those ventures are worldwide famous mountain races or climbing interesting hard projects on the Alps or other mountain ranges on the Earth – to show we have people capable of great achievements. At the same time to show that those people are everyday people, not so self-important/VIP, they do not get upset or tend to make fights, have families, care about their close once, about society, about nature.

• Our goal will be for more young people to get involved in the activities, especially children. Building up healthy habits about life and activity in nature can be something that can help to young people deal with challenges in life, especially stress. We also would include, or would have none-ordinary actions for people with certain kind of problems e.g. alcohol, drugs, depression – nature and activities are a great therapist.

The social element – for the once engaging in ultimate sport might not be understandable – is one of the fundamentals of our functioning. To make and enjoy friendships through activity in mountain, not to escape to someone that is slower and to lend a hand in need and support, to make conversation when in hard times – it’s the most human element which the mountain makes it more apparent – that sometimes the mountain can be ruthless and it is when the deepest finesses of human soul are revealed – a unique opportunity to discover something about ourselves and our companions.

• Climbing and Alpinism as a form of sport activity requires a large technical knowledge, constant training and immense devotion. But it is also a sport where means are needed with the purpose to achieve improvement and to accomplish higher results. Our wish is to help young and promising sportspersons to achieve in their ambitions and to organize successful engagements at home and abroad with a goal to celebrate the successes of Macedonian climbers. There is always to be room for precious experience and advisement of the more experienced climbers of the older generation.

• We have a wish – in a short time – to build up a very good team of Macedonian mountaineers and climbers – people with great condition and excellent technical preparation – so this team can go to attractive locations in the world and independently will endure expeditions or climbing of peaks in alpine style. To achieve this it takes a lot of work, maturity, organization, finances. To reach a dream it takes a lot work in that direction.

• We will organize not just for ourselves but for participants coming from neighboring countries and from all around the world mountain races and other similar happenings. This way we get to promote Macedonia as an excellent destination for mountain and sports tourism. There are lots of possibilities, we just need good managing. Our athletes are getting better and better, but more importantly is that with it there is a very important group of volunteers who will take participation in the organization and execution of the actions and without it the realization of grater happenings is impossible. Also there is a constant work and influence on the rest of the citizens of the meaning of these races, to make sure that they come out on the street or beside the path when the event is due to cheer, to support the contestants, not to tear and destroy the path-marks.

• We shall give our best to animate as many regions in Macedonia as we can manage through organizing training in different cities i.e. mountain regions, we will try to get interested more and more people – young and older – of this sport. In this sport in particularly the age is not a handicap – the average age of the contestants in the greatest world races is around 45 years, and there are cases of winners on the greatest world races of people at the age of 60. With the participation in these activities people improve their state of health and quality of life. Sometimes few days camps will be organized with purpose to teach and train.

• There also will be advertising material in shape of flyers, posters, brochures and other printed material for promotion of our projects and activities. On the web-site as well as on other adequate sites there will be photos and video materials of our activities, as well as special promotional videos. We will organize A Video Festival of Mountain Running. The presence of the social network, the constant flow of useful information of the members, as well as potential new members who are willing to join in our actions – is of great importance for successful realization of the plans.

• To make a success in every area a permanent education is in need as well as researches, update and implementation of the latest world discoveries of improvement of the quality of sports in the mountain – technologies, equipment, food, ways of training and many other aspects. The members of this association through personal example and as a program decision will make effort to be as best informed with this information and implement them in their regular activities.

• Our members will do their best to be more active – as participants – contestants – in the activities of related clubs and associations – participation on different street races – marathons, ultra-marathons, alpine camps. We will also help in organization of their own races and events as volunteers – to promote the sport. Cooperation is the key point of success and all associations of none-governmental sector need to support each other especially the once with similar issues.

• Developing sport collaboration with people and associations from our country, the Balkan, Europe and from all around the world. Our association will cling on to accomplishing of positive climate for understanding and collaboration between all the participants on the happenings on the mountains, no matter which sport is in question. Thus nationality, religion of the people must not present as a obstacle to be on the mountain, to be positive and active. Up till now we already have many friends from the Balkan as well as from Europe and even wider, with whom we are constantly in communication and we make contacts. Such positive energy is something the participants in these sports are well known for – they are all happy, smiling, ready to help and collaborative.
• Participation and collaboration on an international level with organizations and associations on global – world level. We will try to become members in them and to reach to new knowledge, ideas, horizons. They in return may receive a new impulse. Well known world races where our teams will take participation will be used for establishing contacts with the organizers, spreading promotional material of our races and activities, conducting of other useful types of collaboration with the organizers and the big sport brands which are sponsors of such events.

• Our activities mainly remain on the mountains, very often in parts of nature where rarely other people go. Our constant care will be to save the purity of nature, not to cause any pollution of any kind or destruction. We are part of nature and as aware part of it we need to embrace the responsibility to take care of our natural habitat. Personal consciousness of each member of the association will be emphasized and improved, so that with our own deeds to become a positive example to the others. We will initiate and stand behind every project for protecting nature of our amazing country – because it’s the only one we have.

• We will always make suggestions and take participation in projects for popularization of the mountain and development of the rural areas through cooperating with the local government, domestic and foreign organizations and associations. The development of the mountain tourism has high potentials. Accordingly we will stand behind projects of international character – large amount of mountains are natural borders – we will stand behind certain activities to get permission to freely enter the border territory of the neighboring country – along the complete mountain range, while looking at it from a practical view, only half of the mountain. Along this we will make sure to have the cooperation of similar associations and organizations of the corresponding neighboring country.